Corals off the Cay

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

If you have ever wondered what makes the waters of Pine Cay so mesmerizingly blue and clear, it is the Turks and Caicos Barrier Reef – the third largest of its kind in the world. The reef keeps larger waves at bay making for spectacular snorkeling – even for first timers. The Meridian Club has a daily snorkeling trip (weather permitting) which is included in your room stay and is certainly not to be missed. Captain Raymond leads you to your adventure with a short twenty minute boat ride on the Reef Runner. Your outing allows you visages of over 60 varieties of hard and soft corals, and perhaps an encounter or two with turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, parrotfish, trumpet fish, and queen angelfish.

Corals Off The Cay

You can also visit the reef balls just a short swim from the property. The reef balls are a unique and environmentally responsible answer to damage caused to the barrier reef itself. These manmade structures are allowing sea-life, corals and water flow to return to a normal ebb and flow and slowly reversing the damage to the delicate ecosystem. Each reef ball weighs in at over 500 pounds (made from a mix of cement, pea rocks and sand)– be sure to experience this fantastic underwater adventure!


While we are on the topic of delicate ecosystem… did you know that many sunscreens contain oxybenzone and octinoxate? These are chemicals thought to actually bleach and open corals to infection causing damage to the delicate organisms. Don’t worry if you have forgotten to pack reef safe sunscreen – we’ve got you covered. The Meridian Club carries exactly what you need to keep both you and our gorgeous reef safe for any snorkeling adventure.