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Happy World Water Day

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

It is no secret that our world is changing… every day we hear stories of challenges in the environment and, in particular, challenges with our water environments. For that reason, on the 22nd March each year, World Water Day takes center stage to encourage us to focus our attention on the importance of water.

Meridian Club Tree

This year, the theme for World Water Day is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century. As a private island resort, surrounded by beautiful ocean and entirely self-sufficient, we thought we’d take a moment to support World Water Day by sharing just a few of the things that we do here on Pine Cay to care for this very crucial part of our own environment.

Being Self-Sufficient…

It’s an unusual claim to fame for a private island, but one of our most wonderful assets is that, when it comes to water, we are entirely self-sufficient.

If you’re familiar with Pine Cay, you may also be familiar with the story of our fresh water ‘lens’ which is one of the crucial elements of our island that has allowed us to become independent. Due to the composition of our island home – largely porous limestone – rainfall is absorbed and held, as if by a sponge. Naturally of course being an island in the Atlantic Ocean, we are surrounded by salt water, therefore when lighter rainwater meets dense saltwater, it floats on top creating an underground lens of pure fresh water that varies in depth from a few inches to over 40 feet.

This lens, combined with our favorable amount of rainfall and our commitment to a rainwater catchment and storage system means that we are able to remain self-sufficient, in a constant cycle of using our very own ‘Nature for Water’.

Read more about our fresh water supply and our amazing ‘Reef Ball Project’ that has further proven our commitment to our island home and its sustainability.

So, what else do we do? Well, over the years we’ve realized that the simple things also make a huge difference. Here are just a few additional measures that we take:

  • Almost all occupied buildings on the island have rainwater catchment and storage systems, including The Meridian Club and almost all of the buildings use solar hot water heaters.
  • We discourage plastic by providing guests with refillable water bottles which are easily filled by our delicious fresh water out of every faucet.
  • All of our toiletries are refilled into dispensers, avoiding unnecessary plastic. Plus, our toiletries are ocean safe.
  • We have a state -of-the-art septic treatment system, with gray-water being used for irrigation.

Our commitment to nature is unbreakable, and we are always looking for new ways to improve and honor our natural surroundings. We take pride in knowing that our footprint is small, and our guests can truly feel like they are making a wonderful difference each time they choose to come and experience a stay on Pine Cay.

So Happy World Water Day! Let’s embrace what we have and commit to doing everything we can to make a difference, no matter how large or small.